A sunscreen system, made entirely of aluminum, designed to provide a total screen from direct sunlight and optimal protection from the weather. The generous size of the single-louver allow the creation of a single module of over 35 square meters. The orientation of the louvers, during opening, allows full control of the optical-light values and a constant and effective recycling of air.

As an architecture that perfectly integrates in the external surrounding, Panoramica and Ondula represents the design that meets the functional aspect. The roofing system, unique and innovative, realized with aluminium adjustable louvers whose shape is ondulated, protects from the sun and from the rain. Also, their particular arrangement warrants an optimum water downflow with an inclination of only 6%.


A particularly versatile outdoor pergola system, able to satisfy every need for relaxation and protection: Bioroll allows you to manage and filter the most suitable amount of sunlight for any time of the day, also assuring effective natural ventilation and air exchange.

Bioroll protects from rain, promoting the flow of water along the outer edges of the structure, assuring the utmost protection and comfort.


Made with processes that ensure a perfect protection against envronmental corrosion and provided of a flame retardant pvc fabric.

The water collected on the system flows through the side guides into the frontal beam, operating also as a gutter. Beyond the resistance to rain and wind, offers an excellent protection from the sun.


Structure whose character is timeless, airy and elegant whose cover, realized in black-out pvc, is completely retractable and waterproof.

Architectural shapes and a modern design that exalt the nature and the essence of the external environments.


A complete range of sliding windows that allow you to enjoy the outdoors spaces in any season.

Innovative models designed for a protection beyond comparison, leaving you only the pleasure of comfort.


Soubrette is an absolutely innovative product that combines sunshade efficiency with sun shade technology. The curtain protection box completely repairs the fabric when unused.

The Soubrette can be brandished using the full size of the fabric. Possibility to access the product via a motorized system and the safety wind sensor.